You and your faithful chickens must beat all odds to feed delicious omelettes to the masses!

Note: It is a known issue that egg spawning might be catastrophically bad on occasions. If you experience this, try restart the game.

Keyboard controls:

WASD/Arrow keys - movement 

1-5 - Use inventory (cooking and fulfilling orders) / buy items

Space - Start cooking

Controller controls:

Left stick - movement

Bumpers - move left/right in inventory and shop

Xbox A - Use inventory (cooking and fulfilling orders) / buy items

Xbox X - Start cooking

Programming: velopman

Art: b33bytes

Constant help, support, and better ideas than mine: The velopman Twitch chat <3 (velopteam ftw)

A Little Ditty on the Dance Floor by J.Lang (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Septahelix

Sound effects:

chicken by dersuperanton -
Pop 2 by greenvwbeetle -
Pop sound by deraj -
DEO_OPEN.wav by rxrxhx -
Register_Old_Open_Ding.ogg by LamaMakesMusic -
Bell, Counter, A.wav by InspectorJ -
Bike, Bell Ding, Single, 01-01.wav by InspectorJ -
bink.ogg by stwime -
reverse bass blip.flac by tim.kahn -
Pan Sliding on stovetop.wav by RossBell -
Sizzle(loop).wav by EverHeat -


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eh... am I doing something wrong? No eggs spawn...


Sorry, I had forgotten to put a note in the description to say that this can sometimes be an issue. A simple restart of the game should be enough to fix this 😁

Thanks for playing!

Ah! Then I will try your game again!

mmm... I've restarted the game, but it didnt work.

Interesting concept, and the gameplay feels good! However, I've found myself waiting for chicken eggs for most of the game, with the orders piling up. Maybe I wasn't playing optimally though so a fun experience nonetheless!



Thanks for playing the game! Sadly there is a known issue where the RNG sometimes won’t give you enough eggs, this is entirely on me, you were playing fine! 

Like I said to thekingoflorda, a simple restart should be enough to fix it 😁