Pump it! Go out on a limb and survive the longest. Keep beating the heart to have the necessary blood flow to all of the limbs, fix the issues with veins before the cause issues for the limbs.


  • Click heart to pump blood.
  • Click hazards to fix veins through mini games.
    • Clean: Hold left mouse button and wipe away the clog.
    • Patch: Drag patch to bleeding area.

Programing/Art/Music/Sound effects: velopman

Better ideas than I could have myself: The velopman twitch chat!


pump-it-linux.zip 14 MB
Version 19 Feb 21, 2021
pump-it-windows.zip 13 MB
Version 19 Feb 21, 2021
pump-it.zip 14 MB
Version 19 Feb 21, 2021


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Really love it! great idea would be nicer with maybe 4 types of mini games for variation. And also to ramp up the difficulty as the points go higher. Overall still fun to play. well done guys!

Glad you enjoyed the game! 

I too would have loved some variation of the mini games. It was the next thing on my to do list, but sadly was left on the cutting room floor.

There is a slight difficulty increase over time, but as I've seen from a highscore of 12,221, it might not be enough of an increase.

Thanks for playing!

Cool game! You really capture the tension of surgery. I sense a bit of an Among Us influence on the mini games? Great job!

Haha, high praise! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, there was a bit of influence from Among Us. I wanted something quick, but distracting. Now that I'm saying that ;p

Deleted 1 year ago

Woohoo! Great score!

It wasn't communicated very well, but your score is based on how many limbs you have alive. So when you get down to your last limb, you're ticking over very slowly.

Thanks for playing!

dang this game is hard

It can get pretty rough! Yeah. I hope you're enjoying it still! Thanks for playing.

I love it! Pause doesn’t wok for me though :(

Hey! Glad you liked it! Could you elaborate on what happens when it's paused? Does the pause menu come up with the game running in the background, or does it not come up at all?

The game won’t pause at all when I click on the pause button in the top-right. Chrome 88.0 on Mac OS 11.2.

Out of curiosity is there still music playing? This is really interesting, thanks for pointing it out!